An Invitation and a Challenge - Get More Oola Into Your Life!


For the past couple of podcasts, I’ve been talking about balancing your life in key areas like health, your job, your family, your finances and even the amount of fun you’re having.

I’ve talked about a concept – a lifestyle – called Oola.

Oola was coined by two doctors – Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun – who left their practices so they could live a more balanced life. A life that had more purpose, was healthier and created more happiness for them and those around them.

And Drs. Troy and Dave have issued a 21-day Oola for Christians challenge that begins on April 1st.

Today, I’m inviting you to join me on that challenge. The timing is perfect as we say goodbye to winter and all those blahs and welcome spring. A time of renewal and growth.

Listen for more details.

The Oola Sevens


Oola originates from the word “oo la la. It’s a lifestyle – that state of awesomeness that you enjoy when your life is balanced and growing in 7 key areas. Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun travel the world sharing the message of Oola and I want to share it with you, too.

The 7 key areas of balance and growth are:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Field (career)
  • Friends
  • Fun

Additionally, there are 7 key Oola Blockers - things that hold you back from achieving the Oola life. And, 7 key Accelerators will help to propel you into that Oola life. 

Please stay tuned starting April 1st as I share with you the Oola for Christians 21-day challenge being offered by Dr. Troy and Dr. Dave, the Oola guys.

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Rest for the Weary


Today’s world is moving at breakneck speed and almost everyone I talk to says they’re busy, overwhelmed, exhausted, or burned out. Can you relate?

Rest is so important to your overall health and well-being. Rest is part of the rhythm of life. Rest is part of God’s plan for how we live.

All work and no play....yet there's more to rest than work and play. Listen to learn more and to hear about a 21-day challenge to add balance and growth to your life.

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Your Dog Truly Is Your BFF!


I’ve always felt a deep connection when I look into my dog's eyes and I've long sensed that he knows when I’m stressed or upset or relaxed. I can see how my moods change his behavior.

 I recently came across an article that confirms this. It said dogs can smell their owner's emotional state, and adopt your emotions as their own. Do you know that even your heartbeats can synchronize?

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Expand Your World with Shoshin


As a child, you learn habits, beliefs and thought patterns from the adults around you. That is how knowledge and customs are preserved. Even if your learning lacked important key factors or was flawed in some ways, it still shapes how you view and explore your world today as an adult.

Learn how to embrace shoshin and expand your thinking to become open to the possibilities that abound all around you - possibilities that may enable you to live your life willed with purpose and abundance.

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More on the Power of Spoken Words


Throughout history, many cultures have appreciated the fact that spoken words go forth with both vibrational energy and meaning. Our spoken words can be comforting, encouraging, uplifting, discouraging, damaging, antagonistic or they can evoke all sorts of other results based on their vibrations that go out.

The Bible says that God SPOKE everything into being - light, firmament, dry land, fish, birds, cattle, and even man.

We can uplift ourselves and others by speaking words that are positive and have high vibrations. My challenge to us all is that we take time to consider the words we speak. 

Does This Resonate?


Understanding the importance and the IMPACT that spoken words have is a huge step forward into living a richer, more fulfilling life.

Words are sound and we know that sound has energy. Music therapy has helped people for years and music is sound. It has energy.

It also has something we call resonance. Listen to see if this podcast resonates with you.

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What is Your Purpose in Life?


Knowing why you are here is an important key to living a happy and fulfilled life. There are 3 questions you can ask to help find your purpose.

Purpose is different than passion. Listen to this podcast to learn how they are different and why finding purpose is more important than being passionate.

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Men - What Are You Using?


Yesterday, I talked about makeup and how so much of the makeup used by women today contains harsh, harmful ingredients that are potentially compromising their health.

Today, we’ll look at personal care products often used by men.  Soaps, shampoos, gels, after shave lotions, shaving cream, cologne - all may contain ingredients that are known to be harmful to your health.

We invite you to join us on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Listen to see how and please visit for more information. Click on Learn About Essential Oils to request a free class - no obligation!

Are You Poisoning Yourself Before Breakfast?


Every woman wants to be beautiful and makeup often helps achieve that goal. It’s no secret that most women have a very special attachment to their makeup. What may be a secret, however, is what might be in that makeup and what potentially harmful effects those ingredients may cause.

Listen to this podcast as we discuss specific ingredients you should avoid and why. Also, please watch a 3-minute video at in which Rose Guyther shares more information about makeup ingredients. 

You deserve to be both beautiful AND healthy!

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