Walk Your Way to Wellness


It's Wednesday and this week's Wednesday Wellness topic is about something almost all of us can do. It's free and can be done anywhere at any time. We're talking about walking. 

Do you realize that 95% of people report they get NO physical activity? Are you in that 95%? 

Walking can lift you into the 5% of people who do get physical activity and it can greatly benefit your overall health and wellbeing. Listen to today's podcast to learn how many ways it benefits you.

Got a Joint? Give It Some Love


If I could offer you something that would relieve minor muscle and joint aches, strains, sprains, bruises and even arthritis, would you be interested? Something that really works and is completely free of synthetic ingredients that may cause unwanted effects in the body.

Listen to the end to learn more about this amazing product and how you might get a free sample.

Mighty Muscles


Summertime means lots of increased activities - running, swimming, hiking, and keeping up with kids who are out of school. All those activities use muscles.

Did you know there are between 600 - 800 muscles in the human body? 

Did you know that reading for an hour causes the muscles around your eyes to contract more than 10,000 times?

Learn more about muscles and how to keep them healthy and strong.

Healthy Emotions - Healthy Skin


What is the connection between healthy emotions and healthy skin? We live in a society that expects us to stuff our emotions and "get over it" yet our emotions have energy which can get stored in the cells of our body.

Releasing emotions that no longer serve you and reprogramming your negative thoughts can help you live life to the fullest AND may help make your skin more beautiful!


Happy, Healthy Hair


Everyone wants to have healthy hair and yet most people unknowingly use hair-care products that contain ingredients that are UNhealthy. 

The health of your hair can also be affected by the foods you eat, whether you drink enough water, if you get enough good, quality sleep as well as how well you manage stress levels.

Listen to today's podcast for ways you can have more beautiful and more healthy hair.


Six Essential Oils for Radiant Skin


Essential oils have been used by most cultures for many centuries. They are a great addition to your healthy skin care routine. Here are six favorite ones that I like to use.

To learn more about essential oils, please visit https://thyme4you.net/ and click on "Learn About Essential Oils."


Is Your Skin in the Game?


Your skin is part of a system of the body called the Integumentary System that also includes your hair and nails.

Listen to learn how your skin protects you and stay tuned for future podcasts about how you can protect your skin.

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5 Tips for Radiant Skin


When you look in the mirror do you see skin that is pale, tired and old looking? Or, do you see skin that is vibrant and radiant?

Listen to this podcast for 5 easy tips to ensure you like what you see in the mirror. Five simple ways to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

And remember to smile! 


Do You Know A Deserving Mother?


Mother's Day is just around the corner and Thyme for You would like to pamper some special mothers with free gifts like lavender infused bath bombs, essential oils to help her relax, and some luxurious personal care products for her skin.

Will you help me by "nominating" some mothers you feel are needing a little TLC?

I'll need her name, contact info (phone and/or email) and a short explanation of why you believe she deserves some TLC.

Text me at 301-904-8333 or email me at sharon.y.rhodes@gmail.com

You can also visit my website, https://thyme4you.net and click on Send a Note to nominate your favorite moms.

THANK YOU for helping me honor some deserving mothers! Stay tuned for more info on these podcasts and on my Facebook page - Thyme for You - Sharon & Bill Rhodes.


What Are Essential Oils?


Because essential oils are gaining in popularity, I'll bet someone has mentioned essential oils to you over the past year. You may have experimented with them or maybe you'd like to know more about them.

So, today, I’m starting a series of Podcasts about essential oils. Why? Because I use them every day and know first-hand how beneficial they are.

In today's podcast, I explain what essential oils are and how they are used by the plants that product them.

When you are ready to learn more, please text LEARN MORE to 301-904-8333 and I'll send you a link to a free class about essential oils.

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